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Keeping poultry healthy and preventing endemic infections Poultry can be affected by a variety of diseases and parasites, some of which are endemic to certain types of bird.  We introduce and maintain a strict hygiene programme to keep diseases
out of poultry,As well as carrying out stringent hygiene and biosecurity measures,
Farmer Diggest carry out vaccination or medication strategies to prevent and/or control certain endemic diseases.

The two most serious diseases that you must keep out of poultry flocks are Newcastle disease and avian influenza (bird flu). Other poultry diseases include chronic respiratory disease, fowl cholera, Salmonella, Campylobacter and internal
parasites. Salmonella and Campylobacter, while highly contagious in poultry, are not necessarily life-threatening for fowl. These diseases can however cause serious illness in humans if they get into the food chain.

Farmer Diggest Private Limited is highly professional and very much concern & caring about
the quality of poultry feed supplement,pet supplements & cattle feed supplements,profitability of the livestock farmers and ethics of veterinary profession.

Farmer Diggest is Private Limited company is formed in the roots of Farming and livestock farmer"
we have been in existence for 15 years.
we are known for quality and result oriented veterinary products.

The love for Animals and livestock is our concern for the quality of animal health care products, We take up the study of animal sciences and has excelled him a niche in the hearts of livestock and poultry farmers and the veterinary profession for the Nation.
Farmer Diggest is helm of affairs, of the teaching, research and the administration of the temples of learning connected with all forms of animal life in the country.

We are very much concern about the quality of Poultry Feed Supplements, Animal Feed Supplements & Animal Healthcare Products, which is affecting overall profitability of livestock farmers.

Farmer Diggest offer high performance veterinary products & Animals healthcare products in its portfolio and the most effective customer-focused service.
This is accomplished through the strong science base and the company’s R&D engine,A customer-centric approach, dedicated management team who are involved at the grass roots level. Please see Our Farming at this link given by our delighted customers.Learn More


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